Episode 351: Here’s The Downside

Daniel and Manton talk about Panic’s release of Transmit for the Mac App Store, and the gradual evolution of Apple’s stance on sandboxing. Daniel talks about his dubious prioritization of quieting deprecation warnings. They both take stock of progress on MarsEdit 4 and Micro.blog around one year after their release. Finally, they muse about the relative profitability of certain software products and whether some apps are inherently bad ideas from a business point of view.

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  • Transmit – Panic product page for the venerable FTp app.
  • FTP Made Easy – App Store feature of Panic’s Transmit.
  • BBEdit – Bare Bones’s text editor for Mac.
  • Privileged File Operations – Daniel’s blog post about Transmit’s new sandbox entitlements.
  • NSWorkspaceAuthorization – Documentation for a new method of asking users for additional sandbox privileges.
  • MarsEdit – Daniel’s Mac-based blog editor.
  • Omni Group Free Trials – Omni’s approach to Mac App Store trials and upgrades.
  • Black Ink – Daniel’s Mac-based crossword puzzle app.
  • Gutenberg – WordPress’s new block-based editing environment.
  • DaisyDisk – An example of a seemingly mass-appeal Mac app.
  • Micro.blog – Manton’s microblogging service.
November 23, 2018 at 4:11 pm.

Episode 350: Inspired To Look At This

Manton reports back to Daniel about the first week after adding Mastodon integration to Micro.blog. They talk about the merit and necessity of spending time marketing after all the coding work we do. Daniel talks about his recent struggle implementing support for Google’s OAuth2, and finally they talk about Apple’s new Hardened Runtime and the associated app notarization service Mac apps that are distributed outside the Mac App Store.

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  • Micro.blog + Mastodon – Manton’s post announcing new Mastodon features for his microblogging service.
  • Mastodon – Central project homepage for the federated social networking service.
  • Timetable – Manton’s micro-podcast, now hosted on Micro.blog.
  • AppAuth-iOS – Open-source OAuth2 library project from the OpenID Foundation.
  • IndieAuth – Domain-name based authentication protocol.
  • Notarizing Your App – High-level overview of the App Notarization service.
  • New Docs on Notarization – Rosyna Keller shares links to several new documents for developers.
November 15, 2018 at 3:46 pm.

Episode 349: Too Ambitious And Crazy

Daniel catches Manton up on his experience at Swift by Northwest, and about his positive outlook on public┬áspeaking after participating in the show. They talk about accepting their role as the increasingly “old guard” in a community that is always gaining new developers. Manton announces Mastodon integration for Micro.blog and describes his unique approach to integrating Micro.blog without literally being a Mastodon instance. Finally, they react to the October 2018 Apple Special Event, and think out loud some more about the viability of an ARM transition for macOS.

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November 9, 2018 at 8:20 am.