Episode 215: It Hardly Has Any Features

Daniel and Manton reflect on their experience at the Apple TV tech talks, brainstorm app category ideas for Apple TV, and discuss the use of Twitter for customer support and how a 10K text limit might impact that. They also talk about Apple’s iOS 9.3 preview, rumors of a new iPhone 4-inch model, and speculate whether WWDC would ever move from Moscone in SF.

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January 15, 2016 at 10:01 am.

Episode 214: You Of All People Should Understand

Manton and Daniel react to Twitter’s rumored plan to support 10K of text in tweets, answer listener Q&A about product versioning and milestone strategies, and check with thoughts on Swift upon Daniel’s completion of “reading the fine manual.”

Download (MP3, 49 minutes, 24 MB)

  • Twitter is Public Messaging – Jack Dorsey defendes the 10,000 character text attachment concept for tweets.
  • Welcome to the Dark Side – Manton Reece reacts to the 10K text proposal with comparison to Facebook.
  • Six Colors – A repository of Jason Snell’s (and Dan Moren’s) writing that lives independent of Twitter.
  • Milestone Strategies – Listener question from Sander van Dragt, whose name we pronounce many ways.
  • Swift Language Guide – Apple’s primary, high-level documentation about the many features of Swift.

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January 7, 2016 at 12:50 pm.