Episode 161: A Microwave Popcorn Genius

Daniel and Manton draw premature conclusions about celebrities in tech, take stock of our own product goals, and weigh the costs of adopting Apple’s latest SDKs vs. sticking with a tried-and-true build environment.

Download (MP3, 44 minutes, 29 MB)

  • Taylor Swift’s 1989 – Manton reflects upon challenging perceptions of Taylor Swift’s music.
  • Hollywood – Kim Kardashian’s iOS game.
  • Vector 61 – Christina Warren and the Vector crew talk about Kardashian’s game.
  • It started as a joke – The official creation myth for Paul Newman’s salad dressing.
  • Technical debt – Wikipedia article for anybody unfamiliar with the (valuable, IMHO) concept.
  • Clipstart – Manton’s video-management app for Mac.

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October 28, 2014 at 2:17 pm.

Episode 160: The Guarantee Of Free Speech

Manton and Daniel are joined by very special guest Brent Simmons to talk about assorted topics including Brent’s podcast, Seattle, the Omni Group, and importantly, the promise of the internet as a guarantee of free speech.

Download (MP3, 75 minutes, 36 MB)

  • Inessential – Brent Simmons’s bastion of free speech on the internet.
  • What is Frontier? – Description of UserLand’s Frontier, courtesy of Dave Winer.
  • Scripting.com – Home page of Dave Winer.
  • The Record – Oral history podcast from Brent Simmons and Chris Parrish.
  • BusyMac – Seattle-area indie software shop founded by Dave Riggle and John Chaffee.
  • Roderick on the Line – Seattle-tinted podcast from John Roderick and Merlin Mann.
  • The Omni Group – Long-time Mac developers and new employers of Brent Simmons.
  • Vesper – iOS note-taking app from Brent Simmons, John Gruber, and Dave Wiskus.
  • Manila – An early blog publishing system.
  • Riverfold – Manton’s indie software business.
  • Twitpic shutting down – Announcement from the popular photo-hosting service.
  • Bitsplitting with Brent Simmons – Daniel’s interview with Brent.

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October 22, 2014 at 6:59 am.

Episode 159: A Moment In History And Time

Daniel and Manton observe the endings of Cingleton, Macworld Expo, and Glassboard, then revisit the issue of privacy policies in the wake of news from Apple that they’ll be more widely required.

Download (MP3, 39 minutes, 19 MB)

  • Çingleton – The Montréal based conference.
  • Macworld Expo Hiatus – Announcement from IDG that the venerable trade show would not go on.
  • Macworld Expo Is Over – Jason Snell’s less optimistic take on the Macworld “hiatus.”
  • Glassboard Closing Down – Official announcement that Glassboard will be shuttered November 1.
  • Moonshots – Justin Williams’s announcement from earlier this year that he was going all-in with Glassboard.
  • iubenda – Privacy policies as a service … with a weird name.
  • TermsFeed – Service offering more broadly-applicable legal boilerplate.

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October 15, 2014 at 12:46 pm.

Episode 158: The Timeline Experience

Manton and Daniel follow up on Apple’s delayed app approvals, TestFlight expectations, iCloud Drive compatibility, a long discussion on microblogging and the value of owning your own domain and content, and Manton teases a new project.

Download (MP3, 53 minutes, 26 MB)

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October 8, 2014 at 6:56 am.

Episode 157: Not Quite Ready To Go

Daniel and Manton talk about Brent Simmons’s new job at the Omni Group, weigh the risks and rewards being indie vs. taking a full-time job, and despair about Apple’s current App Store review delays.

Download (MP3, 45 minutes, 21 MB)

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October 2, 2014 at 8:11 am.