Episode 139: A Minor Diversion This Week

In anticipation of WWDC week, Manton and Daniel discuss predictions for the event, rumors of an Apple home automation bombshell, and their game plan for socializing and learning at AltConf and peripheral events.

Download (MP3, 39 minutes, 19 MB)

  • This is Healthbook – Mark Gurman’s scoop on Apple’s predicted health and fitness tracking software.
  • Apple’s Nest – Daniel’s post from earlier this year wishing for touchscreen, smarter Airport Expresses.
  • Accidental Tech Podcast – Good podcast from some guys we like.
  • Attendee List – Adam Swinden’s effort to catalog the various self-admitting attendees of WWDC or peripheral events.
  • WWDC Parties 2014 – GitHub project from Orta Therox dedicated to listing various WWDC-week parties.
  • WWDCParties.com – Another resource for folks looking for “something to do” … in case walking around meeting everybody isn’t enough 😉
  • AltConf – The preeminent alternative conference to WWDC. Free, and being held across the street.

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May 29, 2014 at 6:07 pm.

Episode 138: If It Doesn’t Work For Panic

Manton and Daniel acknowledge a birthday celebrated by working, discuss the perils of open source dependencies, react to Apple’s new WWDC App, and lament Panic’s Coda sandboxing saga.

Download (MP3, 42 minutes, 22 MB)

  • Mercurial – Daniel’s preferred version control system.
  • TinyMCE – Open-source JavaScript-based HTML rich editor.
  • Node.js – A popular JavaScript application framework.
  • Jake – A make-like build tool for, you guessed it, JavaScript and Node.js.
  • ant – Java-based build tool.
  • Duncan Davidson – Many-talented engineer and photographer who also significantly developed ant.
  • WWDC app – The updated official app from Apple for WWDC 2014.
  • Coda 2.5 – Panic’s post about giving up on sandboxing Coda for the time being.
  • Sandboxing and Clipstart – Manton’s 2012 post about the decision to pull Clipstart from the Mac App Store.

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May 21, 2014 at 2:01 pm.

Episode 137: The Small Potatoes Plan

Manton and Daniel reflect on the Core Intuition t-shirt results, talk about Sunlit’s new Flickr support, acknowledge the change of strategy at App.net, and discuss the conventional wisdom that all customers deserve to be supported.

Download (MP3, 47 minutes, 23 MB)

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May 15, 2014 at 6:28 pm.

Episode 136: Throwing Fits And Leaving Platforms

Manton and Daniel talk about Automattic’s funding surge, getting to the bottom of Manton’s Twitter departure, and Daniel’s somewhat comparable sandwich shop vendetta.

Download (MP3, 41 minutes, 20 MB)

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May 8, 2014 at 10:27 pm.