Episode 310: A Non-zero Amount Of Dollars

Manton and Daniel talk about the major update to Micro.blog, and how to cope with demand as it either meets or doesn’t meet daily limits. They opine about the virtue of having a baseline product on which to build future updates. They react to Mark Gurman’s report that Apple has a plan to make it easier to bring iOS apps to the Mac, and finally, they catch up on Daniel’s post-release MarsEdit activity.

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  • Major Update – Manton announces major updates to Micro.blog.
  • WPEngine – Popular WordPress hosting company.
  • Squarespace $200 Million – News report about Squarespace’s fundraising success.
  • One User Experience – Mark Gurman breaks news of purported plan by Apple to bring iOS apps to Mac.
  • Chameleon – The Iconfactory’s example of a library aimed at bringing iOS app to Mac.
  • App Transport Security – The Apple security-minded technology that Daniel maybe shouldn’t have adopted.
  • HSTS – HTTP Strict Transport Security.
  • Let’s Encrypt – Free SSL certificate provider.
December 22, 2017 at 9:22 am.

Episode 309: Can We Turn On This Money Faucet?

Daniel and Manton catch up on MarsEdit 4’s progress a week after releasing. They talk about the anxiety and fear of making a huge mistake when releasing, and the relief of discovering you haven’t. They reflect on the effectiveness of direct email to inform existing customers of updates, and Manton looks forward to releasing Micro.blog to the public, and how much PR fanfare he should be looking to generate.

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December 15, 2017 at 8:21 am.

Episode 308: Why Is Daniel Weeping?

Manton and Daniel celebrate the launch of MarsEdit 4. Daniel shares the unlikely experience of literally weeping at his keyboard as he released it. They take stock of the challenges of getting 4.0 done, and talk about planning for a more predictable update schedule for MarsEdit 5. They wrap up the show answering listener questions about PR strategy for new updates, establishing rapport with press and bloggers, and the importance of projecting authenticity when marketing.

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  • MarsEdit 4 – New version of Daniel’s blog editing app for the Mac.
  • prMac – Press release distribution service.
  • Leo Laporte – Long-time booster of MarsEdit and other app’s of Daniels.
  • MacBreak Weekly – One of Leo’s many netcasts on the TWiT network.
  • Micro.blog – Manton’s microblog publishing and social networking service.
  • MarsEdit for Your Custom Blog – Ancient yet applicable advice for implementing support for MarsEdit.
  • Micropub – An open standard API for blog publishing.
  • Timetable 89 – Manton celebrates MarsEdit 4 and argues for compatibility among social and blogging apps.
  • Everythign I Have Ever Posted – John Gruber’s link to MarsEdit 4 and a nice endorsement of it.
  • IndieWebCamp Austin – Eventbrite page for the meetup that Manton is co-organizing.
December 7, 2017 at 6:12 pm.