Episode 68: A History Lesson For Your Kids

Daniel and Manton discuss the end of The Daily newspaper app,  trademark infringing copycat apps, and using a shared family computer for work purposes.

Download (MP3, 30 minutes, 14 MB)

  • News Corporation PR – Press release including announcement of The Daily’s ceasing publication.
  • The Daily Failed – Marco Arment’s take on the end of The Daily.
  • Evening Edition – Digest of world news from the folks at Mule Design.
  • Tweetmarks to Tweet Marker – Manton’s tweet noting his product renaming based on trademark conflict.
  • Watermark Trademarks – An example of the variety of trademarks based on a common word.
  • Dropbox – File sharing service mentioned in context of using whatever computer do do one’s work.
  • iTunes Match – Apple’s subscription-based cloud music syncing service.
  • PowerTunes – Fat Cat Software’s application for managing multiple iTunes libraries.

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December 5, 2012 at 12:35 pm.