Episode 77: Get A Bunch Of People Excited

Daniel and Manton talk about Manton’s new product, the benefits of web apps, Dropbox’s mobile sync API, and App.net expanding infrastructure.

Download (MP3, 32 minutes, 15 MB)

  • Searchpath – Manton’s new web service for site-specific search indexing.
  • Dropbox Sync API – New support library for easier iOS and Android Dropbox syncing.
  • App.net File API – New API from App.net and 10GB storage included with every paid account.
  • Patter – App.net based conferencing software along the lines of IRC channels.
  • LongPosts on ADN – Explanation of how LongPosts can use App.net to publish entire blog posts.

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February 14, 2013 at 1:16 pm.