Episode 83: This Week’s Lofty Goal

Daniel and Manton talk about the upcoming CocoaConf conference, hacking Netflix in the browser and Michael Jurewitz’s blog series on pricing software.

Download (MP3, 29 minutes, 14 MB)

  • CocoaConf – Mac and iOS conference that Manton is speaking at in Dallas.
  • NSConference – UK-based Mac and iOS conference.
  • Safari Extensions Reference – Apple’s documentation on developing extensions for Safari.
  • Feedly – RSS reading service with iOS, Android and Safari-based clients.
  • Forecast.io – Impressive web-based weather app from the makers of Dark Sky.
  • Tweet Library – Manton’s Twitter reading and archiving app.
  • Power Nap Tips – Advice from Matt Stevens about managing networking behavior in an app when a Mac power-naps.
  • WWDC Videos – Links to Apple’s videos for the past few years of WWDC.
  • First Day – Michael Jurewitz announces by tweet his return to working at Apple.
  • Understanding App Store Pricing – Epic blog series from Michael Jurewitz on pricing software.
  • bbum’s weblog-o-mat – Bill Bumgarner’s blog on various topics technical and otherwise.

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April 4, 2013 at 7:06 am.