Episode 87: Just Kidding, You Do Have A Ticket

Daniel and Manton talk about WWDC ticket sales, alternative conferences ticketless attendees, and the vibrancy of the Mac software market.

Download (MP3, 46 minutes, 22 MB)

  • WWDC – Apple’s annual developer conference.
  • altWWDC – Free, alternative conference to WWDC during the week of the show.
  • CocoaConf Alt – A paid, single-track alternative to WWDC during the week of the show.
  • App.net Hackathon – Hacking marathon for App.net developers, on the eve of WWDC.
  • Acorn – Light-weight image editing application from Flying Meat.
  • Briefs – iOS-focused app UI-prototyping software from the folks at MartianCraft.
  • Software Indie – New podcast from Scotty of iDeveloper fame, focused on empowering indies.

Sponsored by Windows Azure: a scalable and secure backend for your iOS app.

May 2, 2013 at 5:33 pm.