Episode 90: The Level To Which Your Laziness Will Rise

Manton and Daniel talk about Flickr’s redesign, Yahoo! as a potential strategic partner for Apple, and techniques for branching and refactoring older code.

Download (MP3, 38 minutes, 18 MB)

  • Dropbox Camera Upload – Instructions from Dropbox on enabling the automatic photo uploads Manton described.
  • Apple Photo Stream FAQ – Q&A from Apple about their Photo Stream feature.
  • One Momento – iOS app that allows customers to upload just one image — ever.
  • The One-Person Product – Marco Arment reminisces about the early days of Tumblr.
  • Yahoo Mail reset – Manton’s blog post from 2002 about deleted email (his temper has cooled in the intervening 11 years).
  • Mr. Wilhelm’s Flickr Photos – Story from 2011 about a Flickr user’s lost photos and — phew! — their ultimate recovery.
  • Clipstart – Manton’s movie-management app for the Mac.
  • A Successful Git Branching Model – Description of branching approach that is referred to often as “Git Flow.”
  • HG Flow – Mercurial adaptation of the branching approach described by Git Flow.

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May 23, 2013 at 12:52 pm.