Episode 106: Finally Sending Out Betas

Daniel and Manton discuss Manton’s new app: Sunlit, iOS 7, Twitter’s IPO and the odds of Manton coming back to Twitter.

Download (MP3, 41 minutes, 19 MB)

  • Jonathan Hays – Manton’s partner in the development of Sunlit.
  • App.net’s Killer App – Manton’s thoughts about the promise of App.net for app-builders.
  • A Planned IPO – Twitter’s announcement in tweet-form about plans to file for an IPO.
  • Steve Streza – He’s as gung-ho about App.net as Manton but still posts from Twitter.
  • Ohai – Steve Streza’s App.net-powered iOS journaling app.
  • The Origin of Tweet – Craig Hockenberry on the history of Twitter’s now-trademarked term.

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September 19, 2013 at 1:43 pm.