Episode 118: Wrapping Up 2013

Manton and Daniel observe the end of 2013, Manton’s rising Twitter fortune, and our borderline New Years resolutions. They also chat about Manton’s iPhone 5C, MarsEdit for iOS, and the challenge of choosing between Mac and iOS development.

Download (MP3, 43 minutes, 20 MB)

  • Clipstart – Manton’s Mac-based video-management software.
  • Real Artists Ship. Eventually. – Daniel’s Çingleton talk addressing ongoing challenge of shipping for iOS.
  • Movable Type – The legendary blog-hosting software that Manton currently uses.
  • WordPress – The extremely popular blog-hosting software that Manton is considering.
  • MarsEdit – Daniel’s Mac-based blog-editing software.
  • Octopress – Popular static-publishing system for blogs.
  • Second Crack – Marco Arment’s static-publishing system for blogs.
  • iPhone 5C – The consumer-oriented phone that attracted Manton’s attention.

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December 24, 2013 at 9:35 am.