Episode 119: Maybe We Should Wait Another Month

App Store submissions shenanigans and techniques, the challenge of calling something 1.0, the possible fallacy of a bad first impression, discussion of new and reorganized tech news sites.

Download (MP3, 38 minutes, 18 MB)

  • Sunlit – Manton’s forthcoming photo-journaling app.
  • Vesper – Note-taking iOS app from Q Branch.
  • The Talk Show 65 – John Gruber and Guy English discuss the decision to ship Vesper 1.0 without sync.
  • Carpe Aqua – Justin Williams’s blog.
  • Iterate 60 – Justin Williams appears on the Iterate podcast.
  • Glassboard – The private group social network service acquired by Justin Williams.
  • Re/code – The tech news site from the team formerly behind All Things D.
  • Yahoo Tech – David Pogue’s new tech site at Yahoo.
  • Yahoo Food – Yahoo’s all-new site dedicated to food-related journalism.

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January 8, 2014 at 12:45 pm.