Episode 127: Too Many Weird Naming Conventions

Daniel and Manton celebrate Apple’s fix of their SSL security bug, discuss GNU’s own SSL issues, and talk about code formatting conventions in Cocoa and Ruby.

Download (MP3, 38 minutes, 38 MB)

  • Critical Crypto Bug – Ars Technica article about an SSL security issue in GnuTLS.
  • Ruby Style Guide – Unofficial style guide for Ruby professing, among other things, an affinity for _underscores.
  • PowerPlant – The Carbon C++ framework from Metrowerks.
  • NSConference – The UK-based Mac and iOS conference put on by Steve Scott.
  • Hungarian Notation – Wikipedia article on a variable naming convention that includes variable type in the name.
  • Making Wrong Code Look Wrong – We didn’t mention this, but it’s a classic Joel on Software post about coding style, including Hungarian Notation.
  • Brent Simmons – Original developer of MarsEdit.

Sponsored by Smile. If you’re not using TextExpander, you’re wasting time.

March 6, 2014 at 7:25 pm.