Episode 133: A One-Stop Summary Of The Problem

Manton and Daniel talk about missed WWDC opportunities, Core Intuition t-shirts, responding to Heartbleed fallout, and maintaining security of self-managed servers.

Download (MP3, 46 minutes, 23 MB)

  • Core Intuition T-shirt – Our first-ever t-shirt, shipped in time for WWDC.
  • WWDC 14 – Apple’s annual developer conference.
  • Hypercrtical – John Siracusa’s blog.
  • AltConf – Alternative conference to WWDC, located across the street.
  • Heartbleed – The enormous SSL security vulnerability.
  • Heartbleed Statement – Daniel’s statement about the impact of Heartbleed on Red Sweater’s store.
  • Duncan Davidson – Web site of our famous photographer/programmer friend.
  • Wunderlist – The productivity-software company Duncan now works for.
  • Private Keys Accessible – Ars Technica story on confirmation that private keys could be extracted via Heartbleed vulnerability.

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April 16, 2014 at 11:57 am.