Episode 144: Hyper-Paranoid Seclusion Attitude

Manton and Daniel discuss July 4th, Kevin Hoctor and the indie dream, and the heart & soul of Apple and whether they can scale their engineering teams geographically across the world.

Download (MP3, 42 minutes, 20 MB)

  • Fulfilling a Dream – Kevin Hoctor’s post about leaving indie life to work for Apple.
  • MoneyWell – Kevin’s personal finance accounting software for Mac and iOS.
  • Connected Flow – Fraser Speirs’s defunct indie software company.
  • Cocoa Radio – Blake Burris’s original Cocoa interview podcast.
  • CocoaRadio – Justin Williams’s new Cocoa interview podcast.
  • Radio, Live Transmission – Archive.org mirror of Buzz’s original post about being on Cocoa Radio.
  • Silenced by Self – Daniel’s critique of Buzz’s refusal to be on Cocoa Radio.
  • From the Factory Floor – MacTech Magazine feature that sometimes included interviews with Apple employees.

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July 4, 2014 at 1:43 pm.