Episode 146: A Swift Bias

Manton and Daniel respond to feedback from last week about Swift dividing the Mac and iOS developer community, and discuss the impending shutdown of App.io’s brilliant web-based iOS app demos.

Download (MP3, 42 minutes, 20 MB)

  • Kill Swift, Fix Xcode – Tim Burks’s bug report to Apple imploring them to abandon Swift development.
  • Renaissance – Tim Burks’s iOS app-development conference.
  • Nu – Tim Burks’s ambitious, Objective-C-based programming language.
  • Swift Blog – Apple’s official blog for the Swift Programming Language.
  • MobileMe Blog – Short-lived Apple blog dedicated to updating customers about the status of MobileMe (via Cabel Sasser)
  • Surfin’ Safari – The WebKit team’s official blog.
  • Farewell App.io – Announcement from App.io that their demo-page style product will be shut down.
  • Diet Coda – Panic’s demo-page style deployment of App.io’s innovative iOS app preview technology.

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July 15, 2014 at 7:52 pm.