Episode 160: The Guarantee Of Free Speech

Manton and Daniel are joined by very special guest Brent Simmons to talk about assorted topics including Brent’s podcast, Seattle, the Omni Group, and importantly, the promise of the internet as a guarantee of free speech.

Download (MP3, 75 minutes, 36 MB)

  • Inessential – Brent Simmons’s bastion of free speech on the internet.
  • What is Frontier? – Description of UserLand’s Frontier, courtesy of Dave Winer.
  • Scripting.com – Home page of Dave Winer.
  • The Record – Oral history podcast from Brent Simmons and Chris Parrish.
  • BusyMac – Seattle-area indie software shop founded by Dave Riggle and John Chaffee.
  • Roderick on the Line – Seattle-tinted podcast from John Roderick and Merlin Mann.
  • The Omni Group – Long-time Mac developers and new employers of Brent Simmons.
  • Vesper – iOS note-taking app from Brent Simmons, John Gruber, and Dave Wiskus.
  • Manila – An early blog publishing system.
  • Riverfold – Manton’s indie software business.
  • Twitpic shutting down – Announcement from the popular photo-hosting service.
  • Bitsplitting with Brent Simmons – Daniel’s interview with Brent.

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October 22, 2014 at 6:59 am.