Episode 174: A Split In The Road

Daniel and Manton revisit Apple Watch pricing, delve into whether Apple should even be entering the luxury product market, and chat about whether electric cars are the next mainstream product Apple will “disrupt.”

Download (MP3, 61 minutes, 29 MB)

  • Apple Watch – Apple’s highly anticipated wearable computer.
  • Gold Is Over $1K/oz – Matt Drance’s tweet about the market value of gold.
  • Watch/Band Compatibility Chart – Louis Mantia compiles the straps and models that come with them by default.
  • Apple’s Electric Car Team – 9to5mac’s story enumerating the many car-industry hires Apple has made.
  • ATP 105 – John, Casey, and Marco discuss the Apple Car rumors, like us, before the most recent news had broken.
  • $250K Bonuses – Elon Musk claims in a Bloomberg story that Apple is paying dearly to poach his employees.
  • Crazy Apple Car Rumors – Daniel blogs about the Apple car becoming a grudgingly accepted possibility.
  • Bag Bugs – In case you wondered how crazy the “luxury” market is.

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February 28, 2015 at 4:00 pm.