Episode 175: Simultaneously Great And Frustrating

Manton and Daniel tactfully avoid further speculation about the Apple Watch’s price, compare notes on prioritizing and avoiding procrastination while Daniel prepares his NSConference talk, and discuss Apple’s recent changes to TestFlight.

Download (MP3, 33 minutes, 16 MB)

  • Clarion – Daniel’s music interval quiz app, finally in the Mac App Store.
  • appFigures – A great service for feeling better or worse about your App Store sales.
  • NSConference – The final NSConference, this month in Leicester, England.
  • iDeveloper 139 – Scotty discusses his reasons for ending NSConference as we know it.
  • CocoaConf – Another great Mac/iOS conference that Daniel can’t keep straight from NSConference.
  • TestFlight has moved – Apple’s landing page for visitors to the old TestFlight home page.

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March 9, 2015 at 12:38 am.