Episode 176: A Network Of Trust

Daniel and Manton react briefly to actual Apple Watch prices, discuss the CIA’s alleged interest in hijacking the Xcode toolchain, and talk about Medium’s burgeoning support for custom domain names.

Download (MP3, 52 minutes, 25 MB)

  • Apple Watch Prices. – Pre-order site at the Apple Store includes links to price structure for each of three target markets.
  • 42mm is SmallBen Thompson asserts that even the 42mm is small, 38mm teeny.
  • A Helpful Guide – Mashable’s helpful flowchart for whether you should buy a gold Apple Watch.
  • Steal Apple’s Secrets – The Intercept uncovers secret documents about the CIA’s plans to co-opt the Xcode build process, among other things.
  • Xcode Compromised – Craig Hockenberry responds to The Intercept’s news.
  • Custom Domains for Publications – Announcement from Medium that they will gradually allow writers to publish with a custom URL domain.
  • Medium as the New Twitter – Manton responds to my quips about Medium possibly taking on Twitter.
  • WordPress VIP – VIP Cloud Hosting from WordPress, starting at only $5000/month.
  • WordPress VIP Clients – Some of the remarkably long list of companies that can obviously afford to spend $5000/month.

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March 21, 2015 at 9:50 am.