Episode 177: A Resurgence Of Criticism

Manton and Daniel discuss addictive iOS games, Daniel tries to recap the spirit of NSConference, and the two catch up briefly on their development pursuits.

Download (MP3, 49 minutes, 23 MB)

  • Alto’s Adventure – Highly addictive snowboarding “endless runner” game.
  • Crossy Road – iPhone game that’s like a modern day Frogger.
  • Monument Valley – Another beautiful game, this one with a definite end.
  • NSConference – Leicester, UK based Mac and iOS conference.
  • Where Apple Says the Puck Is – Photo of Ilja’s shirt.
  • GarageSale – Venerable eBay tool for OS X.
  • Open Ears – Speech recognition framework from Halle Winkler of Politepix.
  • Sketch – Vector illustration app for OS X from Pieter Omvlee and crew.
  • Jessie Char – Self-proclaimed expert of nothing.
  • Water.org – Donation campaign in honor of Scotty from NSConference.
  • Bundle Loading Guide – Key area of Apple’s documentation discussing dynamic loading of executable code in bundles.

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March 28, 2015 at 4:30 pm.