Episode 193: Throw Money Randomly At Problems

Daniel and Manton discuss the temptation to conserve money when outsourcing could save precious time, the challenge of resisting the attraction of doing everything on one’s own, and the many advantages of running a dedicated build & release server.

Download (MP3, 45 minutes, 22 MB)

  • SpamSieve – Powerful Mac-based spam filtering app from C-Command Software.
  • MailRoute – Exceptional (so far!) server-side spam filtering service.
  • Marco on MailRoute – The sponsorship blurb that pushed me to try it.
  • BareMetrics – The $69/month service that Manton insists is worth the dough.
  • FastMail – A popular email hosting service that is not Google.
  • iOS Build Infrastucture – The engineers at Square share their dedicated build server approach.
  • Riverfold – Manton’s full-time self-employer.

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August 6, 2015 at 10:34 pm.