Episode 194: I Couldn’t Help Them If I Wanted To

Manton celebrates indie life by going on vacation on day two, the taboo against “working” on vacation, and the appeal of “work-cations” as an indie developer. Apphub.io and the limits of Apple’s review guidlines, is AppHub.io the best developer experience?

Download (MP3, 43 minutes, 21 MB)

  • Louvre Museum – A museum in Paris that Manton didn’t make it to.
  • Franklin Park Zoo – The free Chicago zoo that Daniel may have called Franklin Park on the show.
  • Vagabonding Europe – Michael Tyson’s blog about traveling Europe as an indie developer.
  • React Native – Facebook’s framework for native mobile apps based in JavaScript.
  • Reactive Cocoa – Not related to React Native.
  • Schwa Gets Popcorn – Jonathan Wight reacts to the AppHub.io announcement.
  • AppHub.io – Service promises to help React Native developers skip Apple’s App Store review.
  • Riverfold – Manton’s full-time job, where he’s worked a total of two days in the past two weeks 😉

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August 21, 2015 at 8:20 am.