Episode 203: Thankfully I Didn’t Even Try

Daniel and Manton discuss the Release Notes Conference, the value of getting feedback from people in real life, Daniel’s Apple TV rejection, and Twitter’s apology to developers.

Download (MP3, 44 minutes, 21 MB)

  • Release Notes – Indianapolis business of software conference, just concluded.
  • David Smith – One of many speakers at Release Notes.
  • A Great Developer… – Manton’s thoughts on the “that’s fine for” dismissal of developer success.
  • Release Notes 2015 – Manton’s follow-up blog post from the conference.
  • Rob Rhyne – Speaker at Release Notes who discussed accrual accounting method.
  • @riverfold – Manton’s indie-software business Twitter account.
  • Is It App? – Daniel compares gatekeepers at Apple to those who would judge e.g. art.
  • Craig Hockenberry – One of the early developers of Twitter client apps.

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October 26, 2015 at 10:25 pm.