Episode 216: I Won The Bet

Manton talks to Daniel about re-releasing Shush as Swish and the value of trademarking an app’s name. They discuss comments on blogs, and pros and cons of mixing business and. personal blogging. Finally, they recognize Manton’s partial return to Twitter and whether it constitutes Daniel winning a 3-year-old bet.

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Many thanks to our sponsors this week:


  • Swish on the App Store – Daniel’s white noise app for iOS.
  • TESS – The US Patent Office’s trademark searching system.
  • Like Watching Paint Dry – Release Notes episode #140 on splitting company and personal blogs.
  • Red Sweater Blog – Daniel’s company blog, which used to be more of a personal blog.
  • Leaving the Mac App Store – Bohemian Coding with an example of a company blog post that criticizes Apple.
  • Pieter Omvlee – Founder of Bohemian Software and speaker at the Release Notes Conference.
  • Panic Blog – A company blog done well.
  • Manton.org – Manton’s personal blog, which incorporates business oriented articles.
  • Bitsplitting – Daniel’s personal, technology-oriented blog.
  • Indie Stack – Daniel’s personal, programming-oriented blog.
  • Civil – Portland, OR startup dedicated to increasing civility of online discourse.
  • Webmention – IndieWebCamp’s proposal to modernize “pingback” style notifications of URL linkage.
  • Disqus – Popular plug-and-play commenting system.
  • @manton2 – Manton’s second personal account on Twitter.
  • Not Back On Twitter – Brent Simmons on his decision to remove Twitter from his daily life.
  • I’ll Leave You With This – Manton Reece’s last tweet from his first personal account.
January 21, 2016 at 5:45 pm.