Episode 217: Surely I Can Get This Done

Daniel talks to Manton about his new podcast, Timetable. The two discuss unmet goals and the risk of perpetually failing to meet one’s own expectations. They affirm the merits of releasing software updates often, and minimizing friction for procedures that companies should do often in order to succeed. Manton discusses his App Store rejection for a forthcoming product, and Daniel tries to talk him into changing his approach to marketing the paid version of his upcoming microblogging service.

Download (MP3, 67 minutes, 32 MB)

  • Timetable – Manton’s new podcast featuring short thoughts about indie business.
  • Kickstarter – Crowd-funding site on which Manton plans to launch a campaign.
  • Done! – Advice from 37 Signals about decisions being temporary.
  • FlexTime 1.3 – Daniel ships an update with changes that were mostly done a year ago.
  • Panic 2015 Report – Year-end summary from one of the Mac’s most beloved indie software companies.
  • Wii Transfer – Mantons’ discontinued Mac app for managing Nintendo Wii content.
  • Purchasing and Currencies – Sections of Apple review guidelines pertinent to Manton’s app rejection.
  • MarsEdit – Daniel’s Mac desktop blogging app.
  • WordPress for iOS – Open source iOS blog editing app from WordPress.org.

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January 29, 2016 at 11:45 am.