Episode 222: Make It Vaguely Shippable

Manton’s coffee shop trek continues. Apple’s new @AppleSupport Twitter account, and the growing standard for expecting Twitter support. Listener Q&A about minimum viable products and whether to wait or ship that 1.0.

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  • Coffee shops in Austin – Manton’s summary page of posts about his 30 day challenge to visit new coffee shops.
  • CocoaConf Podcast 17 – Daniel is interviewed by Cesare Rocchi about working from home.
  • @AppleSupport – Apple’s new Twitter-based customer support account.
  • Sprinklr – Social support software solution used by Apple.
  • AppleCare Premium – Apple’s continuing requirement that customers pay for phone support after 90 days.
  • Apple Support – Apple’s new ready-to-please support home page.
  • Respond – Twitter-based customer support from Buffer.
  • @panic – A smaller company than Apple handling support on Twitter well.
  • When to release 1.0? – Listener Q&A from Brandon Bradley.
  • Tweetbot for Mac – Daniel’s preferred Mac Twitter client.
  • Hash Pipe – Weezer song that has nothing to do with hashtags.
  • Maximum Viable Products – Allen Pike’s reflections on a Cabel Sasser interview
  • Cabel Sasser – That Cabel interview.
  • Firewatch – Maximally viable game from Panic and Campo Santo.
  • Disco – Mac-based disc-burning app that embodied the “Delicious Generation” of apps.
  • Overcast – Marco Arment’s well-considered iOS podcast client.
  • Under the Radar – Development podcast from Marco Arment and _David Smith.
  • Delight is in the Details – Advice from Shawn Blanc on doing great work.
March 4, 2016 at 3:50 pm.