Episode 227: I Quit My Job To Ship This

Manton is happy with his new iPhone SE. Daniel gets Typewriter mode … mostly working in WebKit. The two discuss the merits of hybrid native/HTML interfaces in apps, and Manton approaches the long-awaited debut of his Kickstarter campaign.

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  • No Room For Doubt – Daniel’s post about the design merits of the iPhone SE.
  • iPhone SE Availability – Rumors pointing to the relative success of the iPhone SE.
  • RapidWeaver – Popular OS X desktop app with WebKit-based editing functionality.
  • Sandvox – Another popular OS X WebKit-editing app.
  • Slack – Example of a very web-based OS X native app.
  • Kickstarter Recording – Manton asserts he is finally recording his Kickstarter video.
  • Screenshot Lightning – Daniel writes about Kent Sutherland’s approach to automating screenshot captures.
  • Kent Sutherland – Twitter account for Kent Sutherland.
  • Fantastical – Popular Mac calendar app, built by Kent Sutherland.
April 10, 2016 at 6:25 am.