Episode 233: Actually I Am A Little Worried

Manton and Daniel react to Google’s I/O keynote, and weigh the threat of Allo to iMessage. They celebrate Apple’s WWDC promotion of 3rd party events, and the increasing speed of App Store reviews. Finally, they reflect on the announced delay in Swift 3’s planned ABI stability, and Daniel’s sudden FUD about embracing Swift.

Many thanks to our sponsors this week:


  • Google Home – Google’s answer to Amazon’s Echo.
  • Allo & Duo – Google’s answer to iMessage and Facetime, and myriad other such services.
  • Google Hangouts – One of many other Google chat services.
  • Open Voice Assistant – Manton’s post about desires for a standard in voice assistance.
  • Erica Sadun – One of the earlier and persistent adopters of Swift, who also blogs a lot about evolution.
  • Chris Lattner’s Email – Chris announces major changes to the ambitions for Swift 3.
  • Swift 3 Stability – Erica Sadun reacts to Chris Lattner’s email.
  • Inessential – Brent Simmons’s blog has been exploring value of Objective C dynamism.
May 20, 2016 at 5:16 pm.