Episode 235: Pretty Great For The Mac

Manton and Daniel continue to prepare for WWDC, discuss adventures in nullability annotation, and the impedance mismatch between Swift and Obj-C. They share hopes and dreams for Xcode improvements, watchOS performance, and that this will be a big year for Mac.

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  • Swift on GitHub – What’s coming in Swift this year? Take a look.
  • LLVM – Apple’s existing open source project for clang, LLVM, and related technologies.
  • Make the Watch Fast – Manton’s post in which he hopes for a major performance overhaul.
  • App Review times – Review times still fast, but Manton’s 2 days was … typical.
  • Top Paid Hidden Apps – Story from MacRumors describing a change to how top lists are presented on tvOS.
June 3, 2016 at 11:05 am.