Episode 239: A Little Bit Of A Pipe Dream

Daniel skips off to England, while Manton tends to a server meltdown. The pair talk of Manton putting the iOS 10 beta on his iPad, and Daniel laments the eternal lack of ability to install multiple OS on one device. Finally, they discuss the rumored iPhone “7” and the purported removal of its headphone jack.

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  • Jackless iPhone – Images from a rumor site purporting to show iPhone “7” cases with no headphone jack.
  • Maxell Headphones – Daniel’s favorite $4 running headphones.
  • Macbook “One” – Apple’s famously uni-port Macbook.
  • RCA Connector – The well-known, presumably once-proprietary, A/V plug format.
June 29, 2016 at 7:46 am.