Episode 242: Manton’s Out

Manton reacts to negatively to the Swift 3 decision to disallows subclassing by default, while Daniel tries to see the bright side. The two discuss Twitter’s new invitation to apply for @verified status, and Daniel’s attempt to do so. And they quickly touch base on the upcoming Apple-sponsored reality show, “Planet of the Apps.”

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  • Not Subclassable by Default – Michael Tsai’s round-up of links and commentary about the Swift 3 decision.
  • I’m Out – Manton’s quip about the Swift 3 decision, playing on a Shark Tank reference.
  • Time Will Tell – Casey Liss suggests that Manton (and Daniel, and others) are clinging to the past.
  • Only 2 fixes – One of Manton’s very early (2009) pessimistic posts on the App Store.
  • Twitter Verification – Public-facing application for the coveted blue checkmark.
  • Aren’t Good Enough – Federico Viticci shares disappointment about his @verified status denial.
  • Planet of the Apps – Home page for the Apple-funded reality series about app development.
  • Mama Needs that Pokémon – Episode of Accidental Tech Podcast covering Planet of the Apps.
July 21, 2016 at 2:18 pm.