Episode 246: The World’s Shortest Infomercial

Daniel and Manton look towards the end of summer as they continue to discuss the challenge of balancing summer family time, vacations, and work commitments. They appreciate Apple’s becoming a well-oiled machine for beta releases, and speculate about the possibility of new Mac hardware to coincide with Sierra. Finally, they touch base with Manton’s Kickstarter progress, and talk about the value of setting up a VPN or “Back to my Mac” configuration for accessing home computers while traveling.

Many thanks to our sponsors this week:

  • Linode: Cloud Hosting for You.
  • Hired: The world’s most intelligent talent matching platform.


  • Apple Beta Program – Apple’s beta releases are running like clockwork.
  • The New Glif – Example of a Kickstarter page from repeat successes Studio Neat.
  • OS X Server – Soon to be macOS Server: a bag of many tricks for home servers.
  • Arq – Cloud-platform-agnostic backup app for macOS.
August 17, 2016 at 8:38 pm.