Episode 282: Try Crazy Stuff

Manton and Daniel react to new rumors of Apple’s “Siri Smart Speakers” standalone voice assistant. They follow up on the debate about Chromebooks vs. iPads in schools, Apple’s ongoing development of Workflow, and changes in App Store commissions. Finally, they catch up on respective indie work progress and how easy it is to get thrown off course.

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  • Echo Look – New hands-free video voice assistant from Amazon.
  • Echo Show – Another new Amazon product, designed to help evaluate your fashion style.
  • Siri Smart Speakers – New article from Mark Gurman including details about alleged testing of Apple’s new product.
  • Amazon and Whole Foods – Bloomberg story about Amazon’s consideration of a Whole Foods acquisition.
  • Uh Oh Chromebook – Brian Foutty writes confidently about the virtues of iPad over Chromebook in the classroom.
  • Workflow Update – MacStories reports on substantial changes to Apple’s Workflow app.
  • Commission Update – Apple clarifies that only in-app purchases will see a reduction in commission rate.
  • Refresh Austin – The event at which Manton recently spoke about Indie Microblogging.
  • CocoaConf Next Door – Mac and iOS conference at which Manton will speak next.
May 11, 2017 at 4:02 pm.