Episode 285: I Got To See The Drainage Ditch

Daniel and Manton catch upon WWDC, and Manton’s ailing MacBook Pro. They talk about new hardware announcements and react to highlights from the Keynote. Manton laments Apple’s continued, slow progress with SiriKit, and Daniel is frustrated that HomePod is not a Wifi hub. Finally, they talk about iOS Drag and Drop and compare it with Apple’s traditional tendency to move slowly but surely into the future.

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Many thanks to our sponsors this week:

  • PDFpen: New Version 9.
  • 1Password is a beautifully designed password manager that helps you stay safe online.


  • WWDC Keynote 2017 – Watch the video replay of the momentous event.
  • HomePod – Apple’s forthcoming all-in-one music speaker and personal assistant.
  • SiriKit – Apple’s developer interface to Siri.
  • iOS Drag and Drop – Coming in iOS 11.
  • Macintosh Drag and Drop – Mid-1990’s article celebrating the long-awaited introduction of Drag and Drop on the Mac.
  • iOS 11 – User-facing overview of features coming in iOS 11.
June 9, 2017 at 1:51 pm.