Episode 286: Run To The Apple Store

Manton and Daniel compare notes on recent MacBook Pro repairs and the relative merit of purchasing AppleCare. They react to Tim Cook’s admissions that an Apple “car” project exists and is still underway. Manton looks on the bright side of “Planet of the Apps,” and Daniel looks on the dark side. Finally, they talk briefly about the controversy around an excerpt from “One Device,” by Brian Merchant.

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  • MacBook Pro Delamination – MacRumors story describing the screen defect that Apple will repair on some MacBook Pros.
  • Mother of all AI Projects – Tim Cook’s telling interview about Apple’s car project.
  • Planet of the Apps – Apple Music produced reality show about the business of app development.
  • Everything on the Line – Jason Fried’s citation of Apple Music’s poorly chosen PR tweet about Planet of the Apps.
  • Secret Origin Story – The Verge publishes an exclusive excerpt from Brian Merchant’s new book “The One Device.”
  • Not True – Phil Schiller objects to characterization in Merchant’s book.
  • A Colleague & Friend – Tony Fadell rejects Merchant’s representation of his quotation about Phil Schiller.
  • Steve Jobs – Walter Isaacson’s widely criticized biography of Steve Jobs.
  • Becoming Steve Jobs – Brent Schlender’s biography of Steve Jobs.
  • Manton Reece – Manton’s been blogging even more than usual!
June 15, 2017 at 9:02 am.