Episode 287: All The Money In The World

Daniel and Manton react to Chris Lattner’s early departure from Tesla, and segue into speculation about his job prospects, and the challenges of effective technical interviews. They talk about the new frameworks announced at WWDC, and overcoming fear of incompetence when learning new things. Finally, they react to Uber CEO Travis Kalanick’s resignation, and think about what’s next for the company.

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  • Tesla Isn’t a Good Fit – Chris Lattner announces his departure from Tesla.
  • Core ML – Apple’s new machine learning framework.
  • AR Kit – Apple’s new augmented reality framework.
  • Magical Code – Daniel’s 2006 blog post about being undaunted by programming technologies.
  • Featured Videos – The six videos that Apple evidently thinks most developers should watch.
  • Uber’s Perpetual Second Chance – Manton’s blog post about Uber’s repeated failures to do right.
  • Kalanick Resigns – TechCrunch article on Uber’s CEO stepping down.
  • Bozoma St. John – Former Apple Music marketing lead who left for Uber.
  • The Holder Report – Eric Holder’s assessment of the systemic problems at Uber and what to do about them.
June 22, 2017 at 12:12 pm.