Episode 288: Blogging Is Quote-unquote Dead

Manton talks to Daniel about his just-released MarsEdit 4 beta. They discuss the anxiety caused by sitting on unreleased features, and other rationale in favor of a public beta. Daniel talks about the anticipated income boost from the new version, and how it might confirm or deny viability of indie Mac development. Finally, they remember 10 years of iPhone, and laugh about the phones they used previously.

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  • MarsEdit 4 Public Beta – Daniel’s blog post announcing the preview release of MarsEdit 4.
  • Micro.blog – Manton’s microblogging service, currently in private beta.
  • It Felt Impossible – Manton’s reminiscence of iPhone launch day, including links to several of his tweets on the day.
  • Perfect Ten – John Gruber’s reflections on ten years of iPhone.
  • Daniel’s First iPhone – Dan Moren’s picture of Daniel on August 10, 2007.
  • Kyocera Oystr – Daniel’s go-to cell phone before making the leap to iPhone.
  • Core Intuition Episode 1 – The first very episode, released on May 29, 2008
  • One Device – New book chronicling the early history of iPhone development.
  • Creating Magic – Interview event by the Computer History Museum with Scott Forstall and original iPhone team members.
July 8, 2017 at 2:22 pm.