Episode 291: Driving Home In One Day

Daniel catches up with Manton in Santa Fe, NM, on his way home from buying a used Volvo in Seattle. They chat about Micro.blog’s slowly expanding user base, the difficulty of working on the road, and options for crossposting from various services to and from Micro.blog.

Many thanks to our sponsor this week:


  • James Kim Family – Story of a family that was misrouted by navigation to a deadly fate.
  • Micro.blog – Manton’s short-form blogging platform.
  • Wilco – A rock band with a diverse fan base.
  • Instagram API – Media endpoints for the API with notably lacking ability to upload new photos.
  • Micro.blog photos from MarsEdit – Manton’s post about the enhancment of Micro.blog to support the MetaWeblog API.
  • MarsEdit – Daniel’s blog-editing app for the Mac.
  • Micropub – An open API for publishing blog content.
  • OwnYourGram – Cross-posting service for content published to Instagram.
  • Connecting with Instagram – Micro.blog help article about autoposting Instagram content.
August 4, 2017 at 7:15 pm.