Episode 295: Turns Out I Have To Write The Code

Daniel and Manton follow up briefly on Manton’s backup strategy, and catch up with Daniel’s progress with MarsEdit. They talk about the merits of using cryptographic signing for software licenses, and balance the risks and rewards of combatting piracy. Daniel talks about the recurring lure of taking a salaried job, and how the privileges of staying indie continue to win out. Finally, they look forward to next week’s iPhone event and the expected hardware announcements from Apple.

Many thanks to our sponsors this week:


  • Dropbox – A major component of Manton’s backup strategy.
  • Drobo – Local hard drive backup option.
  • Arq – Mac and Windows desktop backup solution.
  • Amazon CloudDrive – Article about the end of Amazon’s unlimited cloud storage service.
  • Whole Foods – The American supermarket chain that Amazon recently acquired.
  • GitHub – Git hosting service that doubles as a redundant backup for Manton’s source code.
  • Motivation – Daniel’s tweet lamenting the impact of learning how much peers are paid.
  • Miss Being Indie – Bill Dudney replies to Daniel’s Twitter quip.
  • Teachers or Journalists – Jon Seff reminds Daniel that many others live differently from high paid tech workers.
  • Your Voice & Work – Anil Dash on the importance of indie software developers to society.
  • Making the Wrong Choices – Axel Schlueter offers a dissenting point of view.
  • Secret Workout Facility – Apple shares details about its extensive on-site research into employee workouts.
September 9, 2017 at 8:07 am.