Episode 304: In Your Face, Literally

Manton got his iPhone X, while Daniel patiently awaits his. Daniel admits fault for having been dismissive about Face ID, and Manton concedes the iPhone 8 and X seem to be complementary hits. They talk about Daniel’s decision to migrate his web server, and weigh the merits of taking on too many tasks vs. outsourcing to experts. Finally, they talk about the fear of shipping and the consolation that only a subset of all possible customers is ever reached by the news of a major release.

Many thanks to our sponsors this week:


  • iPhone X – Apple’s newest new phone.
  • Verge Review – Video includes night-vision filming of Face ID’s IR projection.
  • Kinect – Microsoft’s 3D vision technology.
  • Wii Remote Sensor – Information from Wikipedia on the sensor’s 3D viewing abilities.
  • Face ID Skepticism – Daniel’s historically unfortunate malprediction.
  • Upgrade 166 – Including Jason Snell’s take on Apple’s recent earnings.
  • AAPL stock price – Yup. It’s past $900 Billion.
  • Red Sweater – Daniel’s main site, recently migrated to Linode.
  • Postfix – The venerable UNIX mail server.
  • Craig Hockenberry – Friend of the show who is not a friend of self-hosting.
  • Yellow Dog Linux – Manton’s 2003 web-hosting solution.
  • Ubuntu – Daniel’s 2017 web-hosting solution.
November 12, 2017 at 10:46 am.