Episode 317: Everything Is A Tradeoff

Daniel and Manton react to Apple’s open-sourcing of SwiftNIO at the trySwift! conference. They catch up on their respective enthusiasm and lack thereof for Swift. Manton prepares to ship Sunlit 2.0, supporting direct publishing to Micro.blog. The two compare their philosophies on treating code warnings as errors, to their tolerance for clutter in the workplace and overall organization in real-life.

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  • SwiftNIO – Apple’s new open-source client-server networking framework.
  • try! Swift Tokyo 2018 – The conference at which the SwiftNIO open sourcing was announced.
  • Netty – The open source project upon which SwiftNIO is modeled.
  • Norman Maurer – The Apple employee behind SwiftNIO and Netty.
  • Sunlit – iOS photo-blogging app which will soon support Micro.blog.
  • Flutter – Google’s cross-platform mobile development SDK.
March 2, 2018 at 1:58 pm.