Episode 318: Kind Of A Litmus Test

Manton and Daniel celebrate Sunlit 2.0’s release, and talk about the decision to make it a free app that supports the Micro.blog platform. Daniel admires Manton’s proclivity for shipping new things, and they both despair the difficulty of canceling existing projects. Daniel rants modestly about the difficulty of getting his MacBook Pro keyboard repaired, and finally, they discuss the App Stores and the ongoing disparities between Mac and iOS versions of them.

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  • Sunlit 2.0 – Manton announces the release of Sunlit 2.0 featuring Micro.blog support.
  • Jon Hays – Manton’s partner in developing Sunlit.
  • Daniel’s MacBook Keys – Tweet from November, 2017 showing the (then smaller) command key erosion.
  • App Previews – Apple’s documentation about App Store preview videos.
March 8, 2018 at 2:45 pm.