Episode 320: Go Past The Cows

Manton and Daniel talk about Daniel’s plans to speak at Swift by Northwest in October, and weighing the appropriateness of speaking at one type of conference or other. They explore the idea of buying ads or sponsorships for their own apps, and consider the relatively lower risk of sponsoring smaller podcasts/blogs/conferences. They stumble on some clarity of inspiration in appreciating two aspects of marketing a product: making the product great, and getting the attention of pertinent customers. Finally, they talk about the merits of investing in support infrastructure so that customers who do find your product feel welcomed and comfortable when using it.

Many thanks to our sponsors this week:

  • Linode: Cloud Hosting for You.
  • Udacity: Become an iOS Developer


  • Swift by Northwest – Portland-based iOS and Mac developer conference.
  • NSConference – Erstwhile UK-based Mac and iOS conference.
  • Refresh Austin – One of Manton’s 2017 speaking engagements.
  • NextDoor – WWDC-adjacent developer conference from the folks who do Swift by Northwest.
  • Exercising APIs – Daniel’s 2010 talk at WordCamp Boston.
  • Appfigures – Sales and review tracking service for mobile developers.
  • App Annie – Another sales and reviews service.
  • Dash – Developer documentation assistant from Kapeli.
  • 512pixels – Stephen Hackett’s blog.
March 23, 2018 at 3:23 pm.