Episode 328: It Wasn’t My Job

Manton and Daniel talk about the upcoming GDPR regulations from the EU and what the implications may be for indie software companies. They react to the Pocket Casts acquisition by NPR and partners, assess the financial incentives that may be involved, and appreciate how it contrasts with Marco Arment’s open prioritization of privacy and openness with Overcast. Finally, they talk about Ghost’s 5 year review, evaluate their success, and maybe gripe a teensy bit about their lack of an API.

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  • GDPR – The official “Informational Portal” for the European rule changes.
  • We Only Collect Enough Information – Micro.blog Privacy Policy
  • Overcast 4.2 – Marco Arment announces the latest version of his podcasting app: “The Privacy Update.”
  • Pocket Casts Acquired – NPR announcement about their acquisition, with partners, of the popular mobile podcast player.
  • The Next Chapter – Shifty Jelly, makers of Pocket Casts, make their own announcement.
  • Addressing Your Concerns – Shifty Jelly’s follow-up post responding to criticisms and fears among its users.
  • Castro – iOS podcast player from Supertop.
  • Supertop Podcast – Indie development podcast from the developers of Castro.
  • Everything We’ve Learned – Retrospective blog post from the folks who make the Ghost blogging system.
May 17, 2018 at 6:48 am.