Episode 329: Have All The Things Be Better

Daniel and Manton talk about Twitter’s latest API updates and the impact on 3rd party developers. They follow-up on Ghost’s lack of an API, and Samuel Goodwin’s offer to build one for them. Daniel shares news of MarsEdit 4.1’s support for direct drags from Photos.app and why that is such a hassle. Finally, they talk about the newly formed Developer’s Union for organizing Apple developers around common causes.

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  • Twitter API update – Twitter announces changes to its API that will deeply affect 3rd party apps’ ability to manage direct messages.
  • Apps of a Feather – Response site from developers of several popular Twitter clients.
  • Some Security Expert – Samuel Goodwin suggests that an API for the Ghost blogging system may be stuck on internal security review.
  • Item Based Drag Promises – From the 10.12 AppKit release notes, details on the easiest API for dealing with Photos.app dragged images.
  • The Primary Motivation – Brian Webster speculates about the real reason for the asynchronous promised based drags in Photos.
  • PowerPhotos – Brian Webster’s Mac-based Photos library management software.
  • Dear Apple – The fledgling “Developers Union” representing Apple platform 3rd-party developers.
May 24, 2018 at 1:20 pm.