Episode 331: No Complaints Really

Daniel and Manton catch up on WWDC announcements. They weigh the likely impact of UIKit on macOS, try to get a handle on the extent of SiriKit improvements, and appreciate Apple’s renewed emphasis on iOS automation. Next they talk about Apple’s purportedly new support for App Store trials. Finally, they wrap up with reflections on WWDC week so far, and Manton appreciates the enthusiastic attendance at his Micro.blog meet-up.

Many thanks to our sponsors this week:


  • San Jose Drainage Ditch – David Sinclair of Dejal Systems snaps a picture of the famous landmark.
  • Steve Troughton Smith – Twitter account of an engineer who often tweets about binary analysis of Apple software.
  • UXKitDemo – Example project taking advantage of Apple’s private UXKit framework.
  • Transmit 5 – Panic’s file transfer app which was cited in the WWDC Keynote.
  • BBEdit 12 – Bare Bones’s text editing app, also cited in the WWDC Keynote.
  • Ersatz Free Trials – Daniel’s blog post breaking down the shortcomings of Apple’s free trial support.
June 7, 2018 at 6:15 pm.