Episode 332: We Should Be Slapping Our Foreheads

Manton and Daniel talk about Daniel’s latest MarsEdit updates and the speed record of one’s App Store review. Daniel talks about a quick fix he made to a crashing bug, and whether using Swift would have prevented it. They reflect on Dominik Wagner’s criticism of Swift, but carefully avoid a full-on Swift debate. They follow up about the shortcuts of Siri Shortcuts and hope for similar, but slightly different long-term improvements. Finally, they talk about a new open source IAPKit from Black Pixel, supporting developers who want to provide App Store Trials, and talk about the improvements coming to the Mac App Store in Mojave.

Many thanks to our sponsors this week:

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  • Linode: Cloud Hosting for You.


  • MarsEdit 4.1 – Daniel ships a significant update for image metadata location data protection.
  • Soroush Khanlou – The thoughtful blog of an iOS developer and Swift aficionado.
  • My Misalignment With Apple… – Dominik Wagner’s thoughts about Swift and how they fall short of his hopes for a language.
  • Custom Intents with SiriKit – Ben Dodson explains the shortcomings of Siri’s new Shortcuts.
  • A New Vision for Siri – Federico Viticci offers a comprehensive exposition of the new Siri Shortcuts and automation on iOS 12.
  • IAPKit – New open-source framework from Black Pixel supporting App Store Trials.
  • Ersatz Free Trials – Daniel’s blog post about the shortcomings of IAP-based free trials.
June 15, 2018 at 11:45 am.