Episode 337: A Quote Unquote Blog

Daniel and Manton react to rumors that Apple has site-licensed 1Password to its entire workforce, and what such a move might mean for the future of Apple’s own Keychain features. They talk about the recent uptick in Lime and Bird-style scooter and bike sharing, and how bigger players like Lyft and Uber are starting to get involved. Finally they brainstorms ideas for Manton to market upcoming changes to Sunlit … on a budget.

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  • Apple to Deploy 1Password – BGR reports on rumors that Apple will provide all 100,000+ employees with 1Password.
  • Rumors of My Acquisition… – 1Password denies the rumor that Apple would also be acquiring it in the deal.
  • Lime – A scooter and bike sharing company.
  • Bird – A scooter sharing company.
  • Lyft Acquires Motivate – CNet reports on Lyft’s acquisition of a major provider of bike sharing infrastructure.
  • Uber Invests in Lime – The Verge reports on Uber’s investment in the scooter and bike sharing company.
  • car2go – A carsharing service that lets you leave the cars wherever you can park them legally.
  • Sunlit – Manton’s photo-sharing app for Micro.blog.
  • Medium – A quote-unquote blogging service.
  • Micro Monday – A microcast featuring members of the Micro.blog community.
July 19, 2018 at 1:38 pm.